John Menadue Oration 2020: postponed

As I’m sure you will understand, we have decided to postpone the third John Menadue Oration with Professor Megan Davis, that was to have taken place on 30 March in Sydney. This is a natural consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic and a decision fully supported by our hosts, MinterEllison, our Orator, Megan Davis, and our founding Chairperson, John Menadue AO, after whom the Oration is named.

The Oration was completely booked out with a long waitlist. It is disappointing for everyone to postpone but we know there will be no shortage of enthusiasm when we are able to reschedule. The health and safety of our community must come first.

Like many organisations in Australia and around the world, CPD has been transitioning to a new environment with respect to travel and work from home arrangements. In the coming months, we will hold most of our meetings, workshops and roundtables via phone, videoconference or online. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to everyone in this difficult time, especially those in our community who do not have this option, and those who are already vulnerable and experiencing hardship. We hope Australia can deliver for them and look forward to you all being able to hear Megan explain how Australia can deliver for all when the Oration is rescheduled.