Community Deals

What are Community Deals?

Community Deals are a local place-based model aiming to boost economic and social participation.

They are a genuine partnership between government, business and community that allow a consortia of local actors to adapt programming locally to achieve concrete outcomes for their community.

Community Deals feature holistic, tailored services wrapped around a family and individual, and strategic engagement of employers and local industry.

They harness sustained support from local, state and federal government, as well as non-government and philanthropic resources. They are distinct in that they are vertically integrated into national and state service systems.

They use a ‘tight-loose-tight’ framework (tight on objectives, loose on method of implementation and tight around evaluation) that gives confidence to funders and partners to invest in an ongoing and sustainable way.

The Community Deals model is based on good practice place-based approaches in Australia and overseas.


Community Deals Impact

Wyndham Employment Trial

Wyndham is a growing municipality on the urban fringe of Melbourne and home to a diverse community, including many refugees and other migrants. Wyndham City Council (WCC) and local partners have developed the Wyndham Employment Trial to boost economic participation for humanitarian migrants. The trial is based on the Community Deals model and commenced in mid-2019. CPD worked alongside WCC and local partners to establish the trial. As of 30 June 2019 there were 768 humanitarian migrants on the Werribee jobactive regional caseload. These people were on the jobactive caseload for an average of 80 weeks.



At 1 April 2020, after approximately 9 months of the trial: