CPD is hiring a Senior Economic Adviser

Senior Economic Advisor

The Centre for Policy Development (CPD) is looking to hire a humble and creative Senior Economic Adviser to join our Sustainable Economy team. The successful candidate will help us make a difference on the most important issues for Australia’s economy: carbon transition, inequality, economic development, long-term structural challenges, and wellbeing.

About you and the role

We want to bring novel data-driven insights to long-term problems. You will be taking the lead on projects to build a more fair and sustainable economy. Our team enjoys frequent interaction with senior government policymakers, media, and the wider policy world. This is an exciting opportunity to make a genuine contribution to policy development and innovation in Australia.

First-hand experience of policymaking is desirable but certainly not essential. We are most interested in your creativity of thought, intellectual leadership, and an ability to grapple with complex concepts and communicate them well.

We support flexible work and will consider either full-time or part-time for the right candidate. Remote work may also be possible.

Here is a taste of what you’ll do:

  • take the lead on original economic analysis on topics related to the Sustainable Economy Program, such as decarbonisation, regional economic development, household incomes, fiscal policy, or wellbeing
  • contribute to strategy, developing ideas for new avenues of exploration and research, and looking for opportunities to develop CPD’s profile and increase our impact
  • build relationships by identifying and engaging key external stakeholders
  • work collaboratively with colleagues, including managing the work of other staff, research fellows and contractors
  • design policy engagement activities, such as roundtables and other convening events
  • keep up-to-date with the latest policy developments relevant to the research program
  • occasional interstate travel (including overnight travel)

Your skills

You’ll be the right person for the job if:

  • you have a thoughtful approach to economic analysis: able to develop, rigorously test, and communicate new perspectives on the Australian economy
  • you can write concisely and clearly
  • you have the ability to take the initiative when faced with a blank page; developing new projects, methodologies, and ideas
  • you understand the economic and social policy context in Australia
  • you’re able to work at pace on several different projects at once
  • you have expertise in any of the focus areas of the Sustainable Economy program (eg. decarbonisation, industrial transition, wellbeing approaches to government, labour markets, international trade, wealth inequality, tax-and-transfer systems etc.)
  • you have some experience using statistical software packages to analyse economic data (R or Stata)


About CPD:

CPD is one of Australia’s leading independent policy institutes. Our core model is threefold: to create, connect, and convince. We create ideas from rigorous, evidence-based, cross-disciplinary research at home and abroad. We connect experts and stakeholders to develop these ideas into practical policy proposals. We then work to convince governments, businesses and communities to implement these proposals.

Our culture:

We build constructive, respectful working relationships — internally and externally — and we take equity and inclusion seriously. We are committed to listening, learning and growing.

We recognise the best solutions are developed when diverse voices contribute, so we try hard to integrate all perspectives into our work — especially those of people with lived experience of the issues we are trying to address.

At CPD, we are:

Grounded and caring

  • grounded in the pursuit of wellbeing
  • kind and compassionate colleagues and collaborators, creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace

Courageous and confident

  • courageous with our contribution, but humble in the way we engage
  • believers in ourselves, each other, and our approach and method

Collaborative and consultative

  • natural collaborators who seek to unite rather than divide
  • connectors, building synergies across teams, workstreams, organisations, sectors and issues

Intellectually rigorous and solutions focused

  • intellectually rigorous, inviting curiosity and initiative
  • pragmatic reformists, putting forward practical, implementable solutions

Trusted, credible and reliable

  • known for doing what we say we will do
  • evidence-based and thoughtful — people know they can trust what we say and write

Fun and positive

  • fun and try not to take ourselves too seriously
  • quick to assume good will and the best intentions
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