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“CPD is one of Australia’s leading independent policy institutes. Our core model is threefold: to create, connect, and convince.”

We create ideas from rigorous, evidence-based, cross-disciplinary research at home and abroad.

We connect experts and stakeholders to develop these ideas into practical policy proposals.

We then work to convince governments, businesses and communities to implement these proposals.

“In an often fractious political and policy environment, CPD has built a team and the credibility to cut through and get stuff done. Our recommendations have been adopted by governments in the region and in Australia.”

We publish research papers and proposals on issues falling within this mix. Our team tests and promotes this research by presenting at conferences, holding events and roundtables, providing briefings and interviews, and writing for specialist and mainstream media.


We do not just criticise current policies: we put forward practical solutions that can outlast political cycles and enhance the well-being of current and future generations. We call out Australia’s opportunities and weaknesses without fear or favour.

We’re not a conventional think tank, our outputs are not simply research papers, reports and submissions. Over the past two years, we have established a regional institution, the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (ADFM), that is transforming emergency responses to people fleeing persecution; we’ve also commissioned a legal opinion on climate risks and started a new initiative on cities and settlement.

CPD is independent and non-partisan and has strict rules for its fundraising. You can read our fundraising policies here.

CPD’s policies are designed to help Australia embrace the long term now.

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CPD was established in 2007 as an institute for long-term policy development, in an effort to counteract the focus on short-term fixes and political gains in Australian policy making. CPD is independent and non-partisan. It is open about its values as well as its funding sources. It is not an academic research unit, a lobby group or a campaign body. It is not affiliated with any political party. Its founders were John Menadue AC and Miriam Lyons, who were the inaugural Chairperson and Executive Director.