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ABC Australian Network News | 11 June 2013

Australian government calls off search for asylum seekers A brief interview with Arja Keski-Nummi, one of the authors of the Refugee Facts online media resource concluded Thom Cookes’s report on responses to the recent influx...


The Sydney Morning Herald | 11 June 2013

Arja Keski-Nummi interviewed: Abbot plan to stop boats ‘won’t work’… Arja is a CPD fellow and former First Assistant Secretary of the Refugee, Humanitarian and International Division of the Dept of Immigration and Citizenship. She...

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Radio 3AW, Drive | 11 June 2013

Which way forward for asylum-seeker policy? Tom Elliott interviews CPD fellow Arja Keski-Nummi. The hedge fund MD and radio presenter questioned Arja’s expert opinion that ‘turning back the boats’ will not stem the flow of...

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A New Approach: Breaking the Stalemate on Refugees & Asylum Seekers | LANDMARK REPORT

CPD has released A new approach: breaking the stalemate on refugees & asylum seekers, a report which comprehensively critiques Australia’s refugee and asylum policies and finds they are inhumane, ineffective and expensive. DOWNLOAD the full...