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ABC Rural Radio: Queensland Country Hour | 8 October

CPD marine economy fellow interviewed on new CPD Report: Net advantage. ABC Rural Radio journalist Harry Crawford interviewed Caroline Hoisington on the impact of marine protected areas (MPAs) in far North Queensland. Over 35%...

marine protection dividend image

Marine protection dividend | OCCASIONAL PAPER | November 2013

Don’t quit before the full benefits flow CPD’s latest ‘marine economy’ report by former World Bank economist Caroline Hoisington, finds that marine parks deliver more over time As the NSW government considers marine management reforms,...

Happy kid playing with scoop standing near the ocean © jovannig -

Insuring Australia’s marine future | OCCASIONAL PAPER | March 2013

‘Marine protection insures against loss to environment and economy’ – CPD Marine economy fellow This report finds that Australia’s national network of marine parks will act as an insurance policy for commercial and recreational fishing Insuring...

ocean fish, photographed from below

Zoning South Australia’s marine parks | OCCASIONAL PAPER

CPD’s Marine Economy Fellow Caroline Hoisington has analysed the areas proposed for the creation of fully protected sanctuary zones in South Australia’s marine park network. The ecosystem service values covered by the new sanctuaries are...

Marine Reserves Reality Check photo by Caroline Hoisington

Marine Reserves Reality Check | OCCASIONAL PAPER

The economic cost of the Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network is small compared to its benefits. Wild claims of potential damage to fishing businesses are being made in the lead up to the final declaration...