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Thinking about a new progressive vision

David McKnight, co-convenor of the New Politics Seminar, makes the case for a new social vision – one that addresses the dearth of alternatives to ‘business as usual’ neoliberalism. Social change requires political ideas...

Bipartisanship: moving left and right together?

David McKnight investigates the future of bipartisanship under a Rudd government, and looks at the ups and downs of moving beyond right and left.

Kevin Rudd at the CIS: introduced by David McKnight

David McKnight introduces Kevin Rudd’s November 2006 speech to the Centre for Independent Studies on ‘What’s wrong with right: A Social Democratic Response To The Neo-liberals At Home And The Neo-conservatives Abroad’.

A new progressive think tank: will it make a difference?

Without some bold new ideas, even the most heavily-armoured progressive think-tank will miss the target, writes David McKnight