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Fiona Armstrong | Rolling The Dice at Durban

“In the final week in Durban a sense of frustration is permeating the COP, where aspirations for a global deal remain high, but expectations swing between mildly hopeful and almost absent.” The 2011 Durban...

Australia's Green Economic Potential

Fiona Armstrong & Laura Eadie | Innovating For A Prosperous and Secure Future

When it comes to innovation policy, the Gillard government relies heavily on hot air to hide their lightweight commitment to Australia’s long-term future. Back in February, the Prime Minister painted a vision for “a...

Right climate for action

Fiona Armstrong considers whether the fresh approach to governance and accountability will lead to a new kind of consensus politics – and what this changed environment means for action on the climate.

Leadership: Missing In Action

Abbott almost sounded like a leader at the Coalition campaign launch. But does his vision extend beyond Australia’s borders, asks Fiona Armstrong

Civil Society Steps Up For A Healthy Climate

Political leaders might have dropped the ball on responsible climate policy but health sector leaders have responded with a new advocacy alliance in recognition of the risks climate change poses to public health, writes...

Are You Fair Dinkum, Julia?

Julia Gillard and her Government might be moving forward but they aren’t heading toward a responsible climate policy, writes Fiona Armstrong

Assembling Citizens For Climate Convergence

It’s not that citizen’s assemblies aren’t a good idea, writes Fiona Armstrong, but turning to the community to establish whether climate change is happening is an abdication of government responsibility

Who Is Fighting For Hearts And Minds?

Gillard and Abbott might be convinced that good climate policy is bad news but, as Fiona Armstrong argues, they’re missing the opportunity to tell the story of the benefits of action on climate change

Your Local or mine?

Fiona Armstrong looks at the diverse meanings being given to the word ‘local’ in the current health debate, and explains the need for all health care services (not just hospitals) to be linked or...

Putting Health in Local Hands | OCCASIONAL PAPER

Armstrong, Woodruff, Legge and Wilson argue that the best way to overcome the entrenched inequities and blame-shifting in Australia’s health system is to shift funding and power to regional health organisations.