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Why not have children younger?

Daniel Donahoo flips the standard approach to young parenthood upside down with a call for policies to support more people to have kids earlier.

Investing in the early years

The debate on early childhood and childcare is reinforcing out-dated concepts of childhood, writes Daniel Donahoo. Reforms need to go beyond childcare funding models and address a more complex interaction of work, family, and...

Valuing the important things

Daniel Donahoo on family, community and decision-making.

Valuing the important things: family, community and decision-making.

We don't value decision-making. Consumerism has made choice so commonplace that we think the 7000-odd items in the supermarket give us some sort of freedom. Our consumer thinking is so refined that the important...

Organisational obesity and the role of local government

Daniel Donahoo argues that local government and community organisational models will be play a big role in the future of community-government relations.

Our greatest addiction

Daniel Donahoo Suggests that some serious decisions have to made if we accept that in fifty or a hundred years time we will not have the energy reserves to run the petrol driven vehicles...