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Ian McAuley

Not so healthy proposals for Medicare & private insurance

Ian McAuley takes a look at the Government’s proposed bill to increase the Medicare Levy Surcharge and means test the private health insurance rebate. Ian considers what this means for funding our health system...

Dear Julia & Tony: some ideas on governance

Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor have a huge task ahead of them over the next few days – a burden made heavier by the poor level of secretarial support successive government have...

Is Coalition Economic Policy A Nauru Solution?

How did a gathering of professional economists rate the policies of the two major parties? And how does the Coalition’s rhetoric about economic management sit against its record? Ian McAuley reports from the Australian...

Ian McAuley | An Ideal Debate on Economics

If Gillard and Abbott meet to debate economic policy today, here’s what Ian McAuley would put on the agenda

How Not To Predict Rate Rises

Interest rates will always be…about where they are now, and it’s misleading to suggest otherwise, writes Ian McAuley

Grading The ALP’s Climate Policy

Should Gillard have introduced a carbon price before the election? There are plenty of reasons to criticise Labor’s climate policy but the timing may not have been right for such a difficult reform, argues...

Economics Dumbed Down

Given the distortions in the Opposition’s rhetoric on economics, it’s worrying that polls consistently show voters rate the Coalition so highly on economic management, writes Ian McAuley

What Will The CPI Tell Us About Interest Rates?

The CPI will be released this week but Ian McAuley isn’t confident that the announcement will be accompanied by rational debate on interest rates

An Industry Economist looks at Australia’s health industry

Ian McAuley describes how the health sector would look to an industry economist, and finds some strange practices.

A promising start, but much more to be done

Ian McAuley has some views about what the Prime Minister did not say in his National Health and Hospitals Network announcement on 3 March 2010.