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James Arvanitakis & Alex Surace | The Disease that Ate the Budget

Wayne Swan’s fourth budget can be commended for beginning to address upper-class welfare and ending unnecessary tax cuts. However, Australia once again finds itself riding the resource boom and China’s continuing expansion with little...

Supporting The Stimulus Package: They Got It Right

Why did CPD fellow James Arvanitakis add his signature to the open letter in support of the stimulus package this week?

How to remove the plague on both their houses

James Arvanitakis examines how to undo the damage that scandals like Utegate do to our democracy

Assessing the Opposition

The Opposition is doing better in the polls lately, but is its actual performance improving? James Arvanitakis rates the Opposition’s performance on three policy challenges

Are We a Racist Country? Let’s Ask a Better Question

A bit of negative stereotyping is a long way from the racial discrimination we really need to confront, contend James Arvanitakis and Antoinette Abboud

Putting the politics back into ‘Politics’: James Arvanitakis

Fellow James Arvanitakis asks why the myth persists that young people aren’t interested in politics (when they clearly are).

Why are we still listening to the people who got it wrong? James Arvanitakis

In the face of the current global crisis, those economic liberals who were until recently defenders of the status quo need to face two things: first, this a crisis of their own making; and...

James Arvanitakis reviews ‘A Land of Plenty’

CPD fellow James Arvanitakis reviews ‘A Land of Plenty’ by Mark Davis and ponders the legacy John Howard’s government has left behind.

One Year On: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

CPD fellow James Arvanitakis writes: Most of us would rather not know how two things in life are made: sausages and policy. As a vegetarian, I am not really interested in sausages, but you...

Petrol prices and porn: why our political leaders need to do better

CPD fellow James Arvanitakis examines recent controversies that have dominated news headlines: petrol prices and Bill Henson’s images, to find a lack of political vision and political courage runs deeply in both debates.