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Reflections on the NHHRC Interim Report

Centre for Policy Development fellow and author of A New Approach to Primary Care for Australia,Jennifer Doggett, weighs up the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission (NHHRC) Interim Report.

Making Health Policy with Kevin Rudd

CPD fellow Jennifer Doggett has been trawling the health policy reviews through Rudd’s first year: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a new government in possession of a reform agenda must be in...

Health & hospital reform: advice to the commissioners

Jennifer Doggett, Ian McAuley, and Denis King offer a few words of advice to the new members of the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission.

What’s Super about Labor’s new GP clinics?

Jennifer Doggett revisits the arguments for investing in primary care and looks at what will be involved in implementing Labor’s election policy on ‘GP Super Clinics’.

CPD Road Test: Mersey Hospital Takeover

With so many design faults, the Mersey Hospital takeover will have engine failure before it leaves the garage, write Jennifer Doggett and Edwina Burns.

Get health policy out of the emergency ward

In this paper published by the CPD, Jennifer Doggett shows that health systems oriented towards primary and preventative care achieve better health outcomes at a lower overall cost than systems oriented towards hospital care.

A New Approach to Primary Care for Australia | OCCASIONAL PAPER

The best way to take the pressure off hospitals is to ensure that most people don’t need to go there in the first place. In this new paper Jennifer Doggett explains how we can...