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John Menadue

Comments on Kevin Rudd’s Hospitals Statement

John Menadue AO, founder of the Centre for Policy Development, responds to the Government’s National Health and Hospitals Network announcement.

12th Annual Health Congress

Venue: Sydney Harbour Marriot, Circular Quay With the Federal Government setting its agenda for health policy reform, Australia is embarking on one of the most significant healthcare reforms yet. Over the three days of...

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of Medicare

John Menadue Calls for all good people to come to the aid of Medicare in his address to the Victorian Healthcare Association Annual Conference held in Melbourne, 23 October 2009

Extending the Role of Pharmacists

John Menadue’s address to the Pharmacy Australia Congress, October 17.

Comments on the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission report

John Menadue AO responds to the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission’s final report.

Managing demand and supply in health

John Menadue‘s submission to the Senate Community Affairs Inquiry on the Private Health Insurance Bill looks at what Australia must do to contain healthcare costs.

We need leadership that appeals to our ‘better angels’: John Menadue

Fear of the foreigner is as old as human history itself and easily exploited. Leadership is essential to win the case for compassion in responding to asylum seekers while ensuring continued government control of...

What is the health service for? Where is the strategy in health reform?

CPD Board Director John Menadue AO presented “What is the health service for? Where is the strategy in health reform?” for the Victorian Healthcare Association’s Annual Conference in Melbourne, 17 October 2008.

Sick Around the World: the importance of getting the design right

SBS Cutting Edge last night carried an outstanding story "Sick Around the World" which underlined the fundamental importance of getting health system design right. See here for the link.

Health: the importance of getting principles right

John Menadue AO warns that federal Labor may be getting its priorities backwards on health reform. Without a clear understanding of what principles Australians want their health system to be based on, any efforts...