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John Menadue

Obstacles to Health Reform

The problem with health reform is that even when major redesign is necessary, many ‘reformers’ continue to think incrementally, says CPD Chair John Menadue.

CPD launch speech – John Menadue

"Australia has too much politics and not enough policy", said John Menadue. "We need to know what political parties and governments stand for – their values and principles. That is so whoever wins the...

Breaking the Commonwealth/State Impasse in Health: a coalition of the willing

John Menadue proposes a coalition of the willing to reform the delivery of health services by Federal and State governments.

The patient journey: unravelling the maze

John Menadue explains what needs to be done to put patients and the community at the centre of our health system.

Clarification: what we really mean by universalism

John Menadue explains why A Health Policy for Australia criticises the private insurance industry. 

Getting Better Value for Money in Health

Evidence provided by the Centre for Policy Development chair John Menadue to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health and Ageing Enquiry into Health Funding – Sydney Friday 21 July 2006

Making Federalism Work: Australian Partnership Agreements

In anticipation of next week’s COAG meeting and following the Treasurer’s comments on federalism earlier this week, John Menadue introduces a report commissioned by the Victorian Government that calls for Australian Partnership Agreement between...

Eating the Seed Wheat

John Menadue launched Our Common Wealth with a call for 'hochmar' -– the science of the heart –- the capacity to see, to feel and then to act as if the future depends on...

How the politically urgent pushes the important aside

In a recent address to health science students at the University of South Australia, John Menadue described the two main problems at the heart of our health system: a medicalised and specialised approach based...

Subsidising Private Health Insurance: throwing more good money after bad

John Menadue argues that private health insurance in its current form is unsustainable. He criticises the government’s $3 billion subsidy for being inefficient. It is skewed towards affluent Australians and private health insurance funds...