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Lindy Edwards

What comes after neoliberalism? Reframing markets

Lindy Edwards suggests that new understandings of the strengths and weaknesses of markets allow progressives to look at economic growth through a new lens – as the product of cooperation. Productive markets thrive on...

Rethinking the Costs of Targetting

Lindy Edwards looks at what the Rudd Government’s budget choices mean for the future of income redistribution

The Future of Social Democracy – Crunch Time Conference Speech

The era of neoliberalism may be over, but prospects for a social democratic revival are slimmer than widely assumed, said Lindy Edwards at the Crunchtime Conference.

The Apology and the Battle over Australia’s Founding Myth

This week’s apology to the Stolen Generation is a key moment for Aboriginal Australians, but it is also a defining for non-indigenous Australians. It is pivotal in the subterranean battle over what it is...

Missing Howard Battlers

Have you noticed what is missing in this election campaign? After 10 years the ‘Howard battler’ has disappeared. Having been our constant companion for so many years, he is nowhere to be seen.

Economic efficiency – an ideal of the past?

Economic efficiency makes an appearance on most evening news bulletins, is dotted through our newspapers, and rolls easily off the tongues of our politicians. But not many of us know what it actually means....

Turning the tide on democratic decline

In the battle of ideas, our faith in democracy has taken too many bullets, writes Lindy Edwards. To resuscitate it, we need confidence in our ability to achieve more through cooperation than we can...