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Fiona Katauskas: lightbulb cartoon

Pushing our luck: authors and chapters announced!

Forthcoming CPD book – the project takes shape… CPD’s forthcoming book Pushing our luck will contain 10 chapters by experts and critical thinkers in their respective fields. Authors were encouraged to imagine what policies...

Miriam Lyons: Living with the Carbon Tax | Sydney Institute

Sydney Institute Living with the Carbon Tax seminar, 3 July 2012 CPD Executive Director Miriam Lyons addressed a crowded room at the Sydney Institute’s event on ‘Living with the carbon tax’. Presenting a contrary...

Protection Vital to Securing Our Marine Wealth | Miriam Lyons & Laura Eadie

Australia is surrounded by a vast wealth of oceans. More than 70 per cent of our territory lies under water – the third largest and most biodiverse marine estate in the world. So far...

Difficult, but not diabolical

Miriam Lyons, CPD’s Executive Director, looks at the role of faith and visions of change in moving beyond our current impasse.

CPD ideas for the Gov2.0 Taskforce: open sourcing policy development?

The open source software world has a lot to teach us about collaborating to produce ‘public goods’. Miriam Lyons explores the parallels and flags some ideas on how we can overcome the obstacles to...

Upgrading Democracy: Opening Doors

How many Australians hate voting, let alone think of taking a more active role in the development of Government policy? Miriam Lyons argues that the most effective form of democratic renewal is for governments...

Upgrading Democracy: Opening Windows

CPD’s Executive Director Miriam Lyons reflects on the difference between stronger Freedom of Information laws and an ‘open access’ mindset, and argues that it’s time to open the windows of government and let some...

Help us make CPD a 2.0 think-tank

The Centre for Policy Development, which originated from an online policy portal, is very interested in expanding the circle of citizens involved in the research and development of policy ideas. 

Beyond FOI

Miriam Lyons looks at the future of Freedom of Information reform now that John ‘the hipster’ Faulkner’s eagle eye is gazing elsewhere.

Deep emissions cuts not so diabolical under Obama

Miriam Lyons took a look at what the election of Obama means for Australia in Crikey