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Miriam Lyons

What does an Obama win mean for Australia?

Barack Obama’s victory represents a watershed in American history, but it will also have ramifications around the world. Before I head out to celebrate I thought I’d just bash out a few quick notes...

Blindness to our biases led us to tears

Miriam Lyons and James Murray wrote about behavioural economics and the global financial crisis for The Age

Victorian government takes up the open access agenda

1 state down, 5 more & a couple of territories to go!

They work for us

Good news. In a testament to the parallel evolution of ideas, it turns out that one of the projects I advocated at the 2020 Summit was already being built at the time:

Fixing politics: short-term gain vs long-term pain

Miriam Lyons looked at whether our political system is up to the challenges of the 21st century in Crikey

A New Progressive Consensus?

We asked delegates to the 2020 Summit for an appraisal of the proceedings and the ideas which emerged throughout the weekend. CPD Director Miriam Lyons, Stephen Leeder, Lyn Carson, Jon Altman and Bill Bowtell...

CPD blogs now enabled

Hi folks,  The blog is now up and running at, and individual blog posts are now appearing as they’re supposed to – see for an example. However, as you’ll see if you...

What about the fourth estate?

Questions from the background paper which are relevant to this discussion:

5 2020 ideas in 5 minutes

In this installment of ‘5 ideas in 5 minutes’, we present a selection of ideas which delegates will be taking to the Australia 2020 summit this weekend.

Democratic renewal – filling the gaps

Much of my thinking on the questions listed in the governance background paper has been shaped by contributors to the Centre for Policy Development – a couple of whom, Janette Hartz-Karp and Lyn Carson,...