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Paul Munro

Draft Employment Rights Statement

A set of enforceable employment rights could be a crucial first step in restoring the balance between workers and employers in Australia'’s industrial relations system. This draft Statement by the Hon. Paul Munro is...

Gilding the aspirational lily

 Much has been made of the large increase to the minimum wage by the Fair Pay Commission, but Paul Munro argues that it may yet prove to have been a payment in fool’s gold.

Comment on The Common Wealth – Paul Munro

Paul Munro writes, 'Australia is adrift in a sea of change; that those at the helm have no indigenous grasp of either proper bearings or of the difference between necessary ballast and supercargo'

What constitutes a fair industrial system?

The current Australian industrial system has evolved from societal and constitutional acknowledgements of the conflicting interests of workforce participants and their collective organisations and the establishment of a quasi-judicial regulatory process. The provision in...