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The Best and Worst in Health

Stephen Leeder and Lesley Russell review the Rudd Government’s year in health policy: The Rudd Government’s first year has brought a mixed record in health policy – a grab-bag of small, uncoordinated initiatives have...

Facing the Facts on Obesity

Australia eats too much and moves too little. But the solutions to the obesity crisis aren’t simple, argues Steve Leeder. We need more evidence, less finger-pointing and strong leadership to get our obesity response...

Dental as anything

The constituency for dental health may have a weak bite, but recently its voice has become stronger. Stephen Leeder and Amanda Dominello outline the steps needed to fill the cavity in public dental care.

WARNING: A rising temperature can be a sign of illness

Stephen Leeder considers the implications of global warming for health policy, and calls for the effects on global health to form part of debates on energy production. He predicts increases in respiratory disorders as...

The Rehabilitation of Human Research Ethics Committees

Health research ethics committees (HRECs) protect the interests of patients who participate in medical research. Citing the widespread disapproval of these committees at the moment, Steve Leeder calls for their roles to be clarified....

The challenge of mental health care in general practice

Stephen Leeder calls for a more collaborative approach to the treatment of mental health. Drawing on the success of a recent federally-funded trial, Leeder calls for Medicare to be expanded to cover care provided...

Harry Potter and the Health Care Charm

Stephen Leeder discusses the charms that Harry Potter might use to fix the problems in the health care system. Among the charms that Harry or another magician might use are the No Bureaucracy Charm,...

Health: Did you know?

DID YOU KNOW… that during this century, one billion people are likely to die from one specific chemical weapon of mass destruction?

Policy or Polyfilla? We need political leadership in Australia

Stephen Leeder discusses the Howard government move away from Medicare. As services previously paid for through Medicare move into the private domain, health care costs go up and equity of access goes down.

Medicare Safety Nets

Stephen Leeder and Anne-Marie Boxall on the proposed changes to Medicare and the lack of dissent surrounding them