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Steve Keen

Predicting the crisis: Medal winning analysts

Steve Keen reviews the best theory from economic analysts who predicted the financial crisis, as far back as 1933: If they were to hand out medals for predicting the global financial crisis, the Gold...


Australians are addicted to debt but we can’t afford to keep borrowing at current levels forever. ‘Deeper in Debt’ is CPD fellow Steve Keen‘s analysis of Australia’s looming crisis in housing affordability and private...

Debt Freedom Day Report 2007 | DISCUSSION PAPER

February 25th was Debt Freedom Day for 2007: the day Australia had earned enough income to fund the annual interest on its loans. The good news is that the day has finally arrived. The...

The Lily, the Pond, and the Recession We Can’t Avoid

When Australia wakes up from its debt binge the hangover won’t be pretty, predicts Steve Keen.

The Mysterious Money Machine

After a week where rates have held our interest, Steve Keen lends a hand to those baffled by our monetary system with an answer to the basic question – where does money come from?

The Platypus Economy? Unravelling Australia’s Economic Paradoxes

How can we reconcile deflationary government policy with a booming economy, and stellar export prices with a record current account deficit? Is there something truly new about the economy, or are we being deceived?...