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Tim Woodruff

Bringing Health Care back to Local Communities

Tim Woodruff, David Legge, Rod Wilson, and Fiona Armstrong propose a new model for healthcare funding and administration to address the inequities and inefficiencies in our health system: We propose shifting the focus of...

Are Doctors the Cornerstones of Primary Health Care?

Are doctors the cornerstones of primary health care?, asks Tim Woodruff in his address to the Victorian Healthcare Association Conference. ‘If they are currently, they shouldn’t be. Patients should be. The fact that we...

‘A Health Policy for Australia’: response #4

Tim Woodruff of the Doctors Reform Society argues that the fee for service contribution to the inappropriate use of health services has not been considered adequately and that the comparitive inefficiencies of the private...

The problem with Medicare Gold

Tim Woodruff offers a valuable critique of Labor’s Medicare Gold.