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Tony Moore

Shaken and Stirred – Presents Tony Moore

On why it’s more important to offend than be offended: The triumph of larrikinism in Australian culture Sat, 5th Dec 2009, 6.30 for 7pm start Garden of Bohemian Delights: 437 Darling Street, Balmain $35...

On Liberty

Tony Moore calls for a new politics of citizen power in ‘On Liberty’

On Liberty (and Social Democracy, the State and citizen empowerment)

Reviewing the strong legacy of libertarianism as an influence on and counterbalance to social democracy, Tony Moore calls for a new politics of citizen power.

cartoon by Fiona Katauskas: education

A Real Education Revolution: Revised

Tony Moore offers suggestions for an education revolution beyond the boundaries of the private and public school systems.

NSW’s creative future at the next Fabian forum: Art Attack!

Should the NSW Government have more interest in the state’s creative future? How are the arts related to NSW’s economic fortunes? What can be done to resuscitate the arts? I am part of a...

From culture war to cultural democracy: it’s your ABC

Tony Moore provides a credible option for ending the terms of partisan appointments to the ABC board, and shows how we can rescue the public broadcasting debate from the culture wars.

Election for all ABC Board Members

Australians want more direct involvement with all democratic processes, not less, writes Tony Moore. Rather than kicking the staff elected rep off the ABC board, elections should be called to replace the entire board...

It’s time to fly

Tony Moore Suggests that the ABC should build on its best traditions to meet the needs of our diverse society in the digital age.