Democratic Renewal

Voters seeking ‘real’ Australian idol

Sally Young takes a critical look at the election debate.

The political guide to the internet

Dr Sally Young, from Melbourne University, wrote this guide to help you find all kinds of information about politics on the internet.

Sharing decision-making

Dr Janette Hartz-Karp looks at how deliberation can revitalise our democracy.

Reframing the issues of unfairness

Eva Cox Believes that we need to move from counting victims and expecting the victors to be nice to us, to discussing why the present system is both dysfunctional and unethical. And asks, ‘how...

Improving constitutional awareness

Allison Henry and John Warhurst The researchers found that only half of the young people they interviewed would vote if it was not compulsory, and among the reasons given by respondents for not voting...

Organisational obesity and the role of local government

Daniel Donahoo argues that local government and community organisational models will be play a big role in the future of community-government relations.