Democratic Renewal

Is Anyone Talking About Indigenous Affairs?

Whatever happens in this election, there is little likelihood of any benefit for those Indigenous Australians who do not meet the Gillard formula of hardworking, compliant income earners, writes Eva Cox

How Fair Dinkum Is Abbott’s Paid Parental Leave Scheme?

Now that the Coalition’s campaign has been launched, Eva Cox has a closer look at Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme

Bring Out Yer Dead Policies: The Coalition’s Asylum Strategy

Abbott has pledged to stop the boats at all costs but his policies have been tested by previous Coalition governments — and failed. Real questions remain about the effectiveness and implementation of the Coalition’s...

A Win For Human Rights In The High Court

The Human Rights Law Resource Centre and GetUp! issued a constitutional challenge to amendments to the electoral laws last month. Today’s High Court decision has restored the right to vote to over 100,000 Australians,...

Will The Real Gillard Make Better Policy?

Will the ALP’s shift in strategy produce better policy, asks Leigh Ewbank. And if not, where will the new ideas come from?

Human Rights Policy In Our Region

There are many ways that the next Australian government could work to implement better human rights policy in the Asia Pacific. Phil Lynch continues his policy recommendations

Business and Human Rights: Time for Leadership at Home and Abroad

Why isn’t the Australian Government taking a leading role in promoting a rigorous human rights and business agenda? The reasons to do so are too compelling to ignore, argues Phil Lynch

Young voters making good ideas matter in Election 2010

Young Australians emerged as a driving force behind the election of Kevin Rudd in 2007, and will be a key constituency in the upcoming election. While young citizens are often depicted as politically apathetic, electionWIRE, a...

Human Rights 2010 – Ten Policies for a Fairer Australia

Phil Lynch has ten policy proposals for the next Australian Government to protect and promote human rights

Effective Community Engagement – Collaborating with the community for advanced policy

21st – 22 July 2010, Rydges World Square, Sydney LEARN HOW TO: * Build a culture of engagement * Select the most appropriate engagement tools and use them effectively * Successfully balance online and...