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Mandatory Disclosure - Treasury

White paper on employment: Submission to Treasury

CPD’s employment white paper submission identifies three major opportunities to advance full employment in Australia

Mandatory Disclosure - Treasury

Mandatory Disclosure of Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities: Submission to Treasury

Government authorities and large privately-held businesses should ultimately disclose climate risks alongside publicly traded companies to support a swift, just and orderly transition to net zero

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MEDIA RELEASE: Climate risk regime can make Australia part of the solution

The announcement of moves towards a clear and uniform taxonomy for climate risk and opportunity for Australian corporate and financial institutions is a vital and necessary step towards an orderly climate transition. 

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Investing for Australia – Clarifying Climate Risk Expectations for the Future Fund

Investing for Australia: Clarifying climate risk expectations for the Future Fund assess the sovereign wealth fund’s climate risk response and recommends three steps to put the Future Fund on the path to climate risk...


RBA Review submission: Equipping the RBA for a dynamic climate risk and transition response

The Reserve Bank is governed by a 63-year-old law that requires the RBA Board to contribute to economic prosperity and welfare. It makes sense to update this to account for the realities of climate...

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CPD G20 Seminar Series: Unlocking Innovative Financing Schemes and Islamic Finance to a Just Energy Transition

CPD G20 Seminar Series: Unlocking Innovative Financing Schemes and Islamic Finance to a Just Energy Transition in Emerging Economies In a G20 Seminar cohosted by the Centre for Policy Development, Climateworks and NGO partners...

VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: Climate Risk, Capital Markets and Global Governance

The climate risk, capital markets and global governance forum saw senior leaders from Australia and the United States explore the latest climate policy developments, their impact on economic strategy and diplomacy, and how Australia’s...

Zoe Whitton on Q+A

Broadcast on Thursday 20 May 2021 CPD Board Member Zoe Whitton appeared on Q+A to discuss the government’s latest plans to build a gas-fired power plant and the long-term economic benefits of shifting to...

Updated Hutley opinion on directors’ duties and climate risk

Full supplementary memorandum of opinion here Today CPD has released an update of a landmark 2016 legal opinion on how Australian law requires company directors to consider, disclose and respond to climate change. Summary of...

Heavyweights now speaking with one voice on climate change risks | Op-ed Sam Hurley | March 2019

Published in The Sydney Morning Herald on 24 March 2019 Climate change is reshaping Australia’s economy and financial system, and its consequences will be devastating without urgent action. If that message had not hit home, the...