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Reinvigorating Civics and Citizenship Education

Tristan Ewins thinks that civics education can go much further than drumming the origins of Australia Day into students’ minds - it can be a gateway to active citizenship and the renewal of our democracy.

Policy Snapshots

This week's picks: Special snapshot of current American economic issues What's in a word? Multiculturalism, citizenship and migration trends Holiday reading: four parliamentary committee reports released Our ABC Special snapshot of current American economic...

The curriculum for public confidence

Bruce Wilson blames educational curricula for lost confidence by parents and proposes several solutions to remedy this, starting with a simpler, shorter, national curriculum.

Australia’s public broadcasters | DISCUSSION PAPER

In this draft discussion paper Emma Dawson and Miriam Lyons outline the basic principles that should underpin our public broadcasting policy, and suggest some ways to better equip the ABC and SBS to meet...

INTRODUCTION: Ideas for an Australian media policy | DISCUSSION PAPER

The Centre for Policy Development is developing a series of discussion papers on media policy reform. In this introduction former Centre for Policy Development fellow Emma Dawson and current CPD Director Miriam Lyons argue...

Quality education for all: mapping the educational landscape

Our focus on the private public divide obscures the real disparities between schools in affluent and disadvantaged areas, writes Ellen Koshland. To move forward we need to re-shape the education system around the concept...

Public Private Partnerships no ‘magic pudding’

Tristan Ewins dissects the failings of PPPs and considers some possible alternatives.

Australian health policy: does it swing?

Don Hindle warns that health policy is not a matter of evidence, logic, or citizens’ preferences if there are strong vested interests involved.

The Switkowski report: opportunity knocks?

The Switkowski report showed that it would take a serious attempt to cut CO2 emissions to make nuclear power viable. Ted Pritchard argues that this is exactly what Australia needs.

Kevin Rudd at the CIS: introduced by David McKnight

David McKnight introduces Kevin Rudd’s November 2006 speech to the Centre for Independent Studies on ‘What’s wrong with right: A Social Democratic Response To The Neo-liberals At Home And The Neo-conservatives Abroad’.