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cover image for CPD 'Stocking Up' report - fish swimming in a circle, photographed from below

Stocking Up: Securing Our Marine Economy | LANDMARK REPORT

Introducing CPD’s first major Sustainable Economy Report: Our oceans are often out of sight, but that doesn’t mean they should be out of mind. Australia is surrounded by a vast wealth of oceans. We...

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A New Approach: Breaking the Stalemate on Refugees & Asylum Seekers | LANDMARK REPORT

CPD has released A new approach: breaking the stalemate on refugees & asylum seekers, a report which comprehensively critiques Australia’s refugee and asylum policies and finds they are inhumane, ineffective and expensive. DOWNLOAD the full...

The State of the Australian Public Service: An Alternative Report | LANDMARK REPORT

The Centre for Policy Development releases The State of the Australian Public Service: An Alternative Report, as part of our Public Service program. DOWNLOAD the report The State of the Australian Public Service. The report’s key...

Beyond the Blunt Instrument: the Efficiency Dividend and its alternatives | OCCASIONAL PAPER

Efficiency Dividend is inefficient: Danger of waste on the way to a surplus. Download ‘Beyond the Blunt Instrument: The Efficiency Dividend and its alternatives’ Jennifer Doggett’s paper from the Centre for Policy Development examines the flaws...

Australia's Green Economic Potential

Australia’s Green Economic Potential | OCCASIONAL PAPAER

Australia’s Green Economic Potential – a CPD Briefing Paper This briefing paper puts some of the issues covered in the United Nations Environment Program’s Green Economy Report in an Australian context and provides...

Cooperation, Community and Climate Change | OCCASIONAL PAPER

Robert Salter argues that better relationships are the key to successful action on climate change.

Putting Health in Local Hands | OCCASIONAL PAPER

Armstrong, Woodruff, Legge and Wilson argue that the best way to overcome the entrenched inequities and blame-shifting in Australia’s health system is to shift funding and power to regional health organisations.

Medicare Select – Entrenching Inequality in Health Care? | DISCUSSION PAPER

Ian McAuley and Peter Frank analyse the ‘Medicare Select’ proposal and find it wanting.

Out of pocket: rethinking health copayments | OCCASIONAL PAPER

Jennifer Doggett proposes a complete rethink of the way we pay for health care in the Centre for Policy Development’s latest paper ‘Out of Pocket’

The Carbon Disconnect: The transport infrastructure implications of Australia’s carbon reduction targets | DISCUSSION PAPER

In this forthcoming research paper, CPD fellow James Slezak will explore the disconnect between Australia’s CO2 reduction targets and its spending on transport infrastructure.