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Ian McAuley & Peter Frank | Medicare Select: Entrenching Inequality in Healthcare

The Australian has examined two separate CPD papers which oppose the government’s ‘Medicare Select’ program. Medicare Select which champions the idea of competing insurance plans has the risk of allowing governments to cut Medicare...

Extending the Role of Pharmacists

John Menadue’s address to the Pharmacy Australia Congress, October 17.

Flat tax champions dodge the hard issues

Ben Spies-Butcher questions claims that the Liberals’ flat tax proposals are either simpler or fairer.

On Liberty

Tony Moore calls for a new politics of citizen power in ‘On Liberty’

A Less Gross Way to Measure Progress

CPD intern Chris Gatfield reviews the Stiglitz report on the need to move beyond GDP as a measure of progress.

On Liberty (and Social Democracy, the State and citizen empowerment)

Reviewing the strong legacy of libertarianism as an influence on and counterbalance to social democracy, Tony Moore calls for a new politics of citizen power.

It’s Time to Heed the Evidence on Climate Change – full paper

Ian Dunlop makes the case for science-based climate policy

It’s time to heed the evidence on climate change

Ian Dunlop tells us we need to heed the warnings of more recent climate science

Economic Crisis needs a green response: Green Jobs

Sharan Burrow argues that ‘green jobs’ must be part of a response to the economic crisis

Cutting Emissions isn’t just a feel good exercise

Ben McNeil has some ideas on cutting emissions and moving to clean technology