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The 2023 Federal Budget delivers some key elements of long-term wellbeing for Australia and the region, but these must be accompanied by deeper systemic reforms to change the things that matter most to Australians. 

MEDIA RELEASE: ADFM Secretariat welcomes decision to trigger the Bali Process Consultation Mechanism

Statement from the Secretariat of the Asia Dialogue for Forced Migration The Secretariat of the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (ADFM) welcomes the leadership and cooperation shown by the Bali Process Co-Chairs in their...

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MEDIA RELEASE: Climate risk regime can make Australia part of the solution

The announcement of moves towards a clear and uniform taxonomy for climate risk and opportunity for Australian corporate and financial institutions is a vital and necessary step towards an orderly climate transition. 

MEDIA RELEASE: CPD Welcomes Joint Commitment to Transform Early Education

Australian public authority directors should prioritise climate risk  New research from the Centre for Policy Development finds directors of public authorities are behind private counterparts on assessing, disclosing, and managing climate change risks Of...

Media Release – Budget the start of wellbeing path, not the destination

Monday 29 August 2022 – An Australian approach to wellbeing should progress beyond quality-of-life measurement and budgeting, be embedded throughout government decision-making, and have independent oversight to ensure it remains on course, a new...

MEDIA RELEASE: CPD Welcomes Joint Commitment to Transform Early Education

CPD Welcomes Joint Commitment to Transform Early Education Announcements are a critical, long-term commitment to improve outcomes for children and families across New South Wales and Victoria Demonstrates the opportunity and importance of collaboration...

MEDIA RELEASE: CPD Welcomes NSW Government Investment in Early Childhood as National Reform Consensus Gathers Momentum

Announcement indicates emerging consensus on the importance, scale and collaborative nature of early childhood reform  Precedes NSW Ministerial participation in June Early Childhood Development Council Investments reflect the aims of CPD’s 2021 Starting Better...

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Wellbeing Government Initiative Media Release

1 Jun 2022– The Centre for Policy Development (CPD) has announced the establishment of the Wellbeing Government Initiative.

Starting Better Report - Centre for Policy Development

Starting Better – Centre for Policy Development

Starting Better: A Guarantee for Young Children and Families Starting Better: A guarantee for young children and families, is a major report from the Centre For Policy Development. It draws on extensive consultation and...

Australia should take 20,000 Afghan Refugees

Thursday 19 August 2021 CPD is calling on the the Australian government to accept 20,000 Afghan refugees in addition to its normal humanitarian resettlement intake. Australia cannot escape its responsibilities to Afghanistan and the...