Past events

National Identity, Democracy & Racism Forum

Posing some big questions about what our national identity, a more open democracy and addressing racism mean for the progressive movement, this forum brings together some key thinkers to ponder some big ideas about...

Forever Blowing Bubbles: Asset bubbles, economic policy and sustainability – Featuring Professor Michael Hudson

Friday October 23rd 6pm – Customs House Circular Quay Join leading US financial economist and historian Professor Michael Hudson with CPD’s Miriam Lyons, Steve Keen and others on October 23.

The Future of Medicare Forum

The Future of the Medicare Forum – Exploring the funding arrangements in the public health system. Outstanding panel of speakers including The Hon Paul Lucas – Minister for Health QLD Dr Paul Gross-Institute of...

It’s Time to Heed the Evidence on Climate Change – full paper

Ian Dunlop makes the case for science-based climate policy

It’s time to heed the evidence on climate change

Ian Dunlop tells us we need to heed the warnings of more recent climate science

Economic Crisis needs a green response: Green Jobs

Sharan Burrow argues that ‘green jobs’ must be part of a response to the economic crisis

Cutting Emissions isn’t just a feel good exercise

Ben McNeil has some ideas on cutting emissions and moving to clean technology

Evidence Based Policy Making 2009 – National Convention Centre Canberra

Evidence Based Policy Making 2009 will flesh out the key elements that underpin this method of policy making from the research to the policy design stage. Register online before 14th August and save up...

Strategic Workplace Planning in the APS 2009

A new government, a volatile economy and an ageing population has changed the dynamic of the Australian Public Sector. The global financial crisis has increased pressure on the public service to do more with...