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Lessons from Australia’s past national wellbeing approaches

Lessons from Australia’s past national wellbeing approaches Lessons from Australia's Past National Wellbeing Approaches (PDF) is a briefing paper from the Centre for Policy Development’s Wellbeing Initiative that examines Australia's history in relation to...

Mandatory Disclosure - Treasury

Measuring What Matters: Submission to Treasury

The Measuring What Matters submission from the Centre for Policy Development recommends government should start by identifying broad wellbeing goals

Mandatory Disclosure - Treasury

White paper on employment: Submission to Treasury

CPD’s employment white paper submission identifies three major opportunities to advance full employment in Australia

Wellbeing Initiative Stakeholder Roundtable Two

The second Wellbeing Initiative roundtable convened virtually on Wednesday 16 November 2022.

Principles for an effective wellbeing budget

Principles for an Effective Wellbeing Budget is a briefing paper by the Centre for Policy Development’s Wellbeing Initiative. It builds on the research contained in the Redefining Progress report to articulate working principles for...

Media Release – Budget the start of wellbeing path, not the destination

Monday 29 August 2022 – An Australian approach to wellbeing should progress beyond quality-of-life measurement and budgeting, be embedded throughout government decision-making, and have independent oversight to ensure it remains on course, a new...

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Redefining Progress: Global lessons for an Australian approach to wellbeing

Redefining Progress is a report from the Centre For Policy Development’s Wellbeing Initiative. Looking at 21 global approaches to wellbeing over the past 50 years it identifies four key characteristics of advanced wellbeing approaches...