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April 2022 –  Get to know CEO Andrew Hudson, and Early Childhood Director Jacki Hayes, plus roundtables on climate and forced migrations 

March 2022 –  Q&A with Travers McLeod, updates from the ADFM and RPPP, and a welcome to Tom Arup

February 2022 –  Leadership transition, closer ties between Australia and Indonesia and CEDA’s Economic and Political Outlook event

Summer 2022 –  Industry launch of Starting Better, the release of Who’s Buying? and empathy in policy design

December 2021 – A recap of 2021, updates from the ADFM, and a call for your support

November 2021 –  The release of Starting Better, the latest from our Climate & Recovery Initiative, and Sam Mostyn’s National Press Club Address.

October 2021 –  Upcoming public forum on climate, early childhood development update, new board and team members, and the Impact X climate summit. 

September 2021 – Climate update, Australian-Indonesian relations, Alternatives to Detention update, and a big picture vision for children.

August 2021 – CPD’s statement on Afghanistan, CPD appears at the Senate inquiry into the capability of the APS, and an opportunity to join the team. 

July 2021 – Early Childhood Development Initiative update, CPD appears at the inquiry into Australia’s export industries, and an Alternatives to Detention update

June 2021 – Climate & Recovery Initiative update, new materials on the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration and a call for support 

May 2021 New submissions to government enquiries, new staff members and a call for support

April 2021 – New materials on directors’ duties and climate change, a new staff member, and an update on Partners in Crime

March 2021 – Introducing two new staff members, virtual roundtables, and our submission into the capability of the APS

February 2021 – Chasing the Pack, submission to the Climate Change Bills Inquiry, and congratulations to Sam Mostyn

January 2021 – A welcome to 2021, CPD jobs on offer, and a round-up of key milestones from late last year

December 2020 – Partners in Crime, Climate & Recovery Initiative and the latest ANU-CPD Policy Dialogue

November 2020 – Climate & Recovery Initiative Public Forum and the first meeting of the Council on Early Childhood Development

October 2020 – Menadue Oration with Professor Megan Davis, ANU-CPD Policy Dialogues, and Climate & Recovery Initiative public forum

September 2020 – Climate & Recovery Initiative, a new Blueprint for Regional and Community Job Deals, and introducing our Early Childhood Development Initiative

August 2020 – Putting Language In Place, missions take centre stage and 2020 Menadue Oration

July 2020 – Updates from the world of Cities and Settlement, Climate Recovery Initiative and new staff announcements

June 2020 – Transitions to Employment Roundtables, Climate Recovery Initiative and CPD in the media

May 2020 – CPD in the media, introducing more of our Fellows and a call for support

April 2020 – Special COVID-19 Roundtable, CPD in the media and a selection of our Fellows

March 2020 – Reacting to COVID-19 and a busy time for our Community Deals work

February 2020 – Third Menadue Oration and ADFM update

December 2019 – A roundup of 2019 and looking forward to 2020

November 2019 – Regional Roundtable on Alternatives to Child Detention, Shergold Review and ANU-CPD policy dialogue

October 2019 – Sam Mostyn named 2019 IGCC Outstanding Individual, Sustainable Economy Program back in the headlines and ADFM update

August 2019 – ADFM roundtable, regulators in ‘lock-step on climate change’ and new board members

July 2019 – A flying start to the second half of 2019

June 2019 – Halfway through 2019, we’re moving the dial

May 2019 – End of Financial Year Appeal 2019

April 2019 – Refugee entrepreneurship report, updated Hutley opinion on climate change and more

March 2019 – Roundup RBA public forum ‘Climate Change & the Economy’, new ADFM research and more

February 2019 –Mariana Mazzucato Videos, Upcoming Climate Risk Event, New Education Research

December 2018

See Mariana Mazzucato in Australia

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June 2017

May 2018
Reframing our Financial Sector

April 2018
Growing impact in 2018 – come work with us!

Februaryr 2018

New research on some of the most disadvantaged people in Australia

December 2017
Christmas Greetings

November 2017
10th Anniversary Update

November 2017 eNews
CPD turns 10 – thank you!

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Announcements & Anniversaries

July 2017 eNews
In memory of our friend and fellow Bernie Shepherd 

May 2017 eNews
Our impact continues to grow as we approach our 10th Anniversary

April 2017 eNews
Extending connections and growing impact