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Intergenerational Wellbeing

CPD’s Intergenerational Wellbeing Program works on policy challenges central to fostering social mobility and tackling disadvantage over the long term, both in Australia and further abroad across the Asia-Pacific. How should wellbeing be measured? How do we understand concepts like fairness, growth and justice across generations? Can intergenerational equity be achieved in the Australian political context? What is the relationship between security, trade and migration in fostering wellbeing and regional order? These questions are fundamental to the program.


Annabel Brown (Program Director)

Forced migration; aid and international development; governance; evaluation & performance assessment

Arja Keski-Nummi (Fellow)

Immigration & citizenship; humanitarian resettlement; services to refugees and migrants

Jeni Whalan (Deputy Chair)

Peacekeeping; the United Nations; policy evaluation; peace negotiations; global security governance

John Menadue AO (Fellow)

Immigration; public service; private sector

Lisa Button (Senior Project Manager)

Forced migration; refugee settlement; labour exploitation and trafficking 

Peter Hughes PSM (Fellow)

Governance of migration; migration, refugee & asylum policies; citizenship, integration & multicultural policies

Peter Mares (Research Committee)

Migration; refugees; housing & urban development; public policy

Sam Mostyn (Board Member)

Business & sustainable development; climate change; international development

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Avoiding a Crisis within a Crisis | ADFM Trafficking Risk Assessment | March 2019

Luisa Boll - March 2019

Addressing the risks of human trafficking, migrant smuggling and related exploitation arising from the Rohingya displacement in Cox’s Bazar. Between March and November 2018, the Secretariat of the Asia Dialogue...

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communications - December 2018

Dear CPD follower It’s been a busy start to 2019 for CPD across our policy programs. Below you’ll find updates on: Mariana Mazzucato’s visit to Australia: videos, audio and more RSVP:...

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Second Meeting | Council on Economic Participation for Refugees | September 2018

Lisa Button - December 2018

Key documents: Agenda Participants list Briefing material Meeting summary The second meeting of the Council on Economic Participation for Refugees was held in Fairfield, NSW on 12/13 September 2018.  Fairfield...

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Established in August 2015, the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (ADFM) is a ‘second track’ process pursuing more effective, durable and dignified approaches to forced migration in the Asia-Pacific.

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Ensuring that newly arrived refugees settle effectively into their new local communities across Australia offers a range of great benefits to our society and economy.

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Ensuring that more non-government stakeholders and civil society organisations engage the space where domestic and regional security, trade and human wellbeing are now inseparable.

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