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Programs in Australia

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Currently available programs for economic and social participation of refugees in Australia.


Focussing on the experiences of refugees in attaining and sustaining appropriate employment as well as the views and experiences of employers.


Encouraging and supporting the significant entrepreneurial talents of refugees in Australia.


Addressing the disproportionate barriers female refugees face in participating in the economy, and the policies and programs that can best meet their needs.

General Settlement

Identifying general programs that support multiple dimensions of the settlement journey.


Highlighting the important connection between language proficiency and economic and social participation for refugees.

Placed-based Initiatives

Focussing on initiatives and approaches that have been developed by local stakeholders in specific communities and which are tailored to the needs of that place and the refugees who live there.

Social Participation

Focussing on the importance of boosting social participation for refugees and how this can be done.


Focussing on programs that are specifically tailored to support or engage with young refugees (15-25) and supporting the transition from full-time education into work.