Claire Palmer (Research Committee)

Claire is a barrister at Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers in Sydney, and has particular interests in constitutional, administrative, international and commercial law. She has completed a DPhil and MPhil in International Relations at the University of Oxford, which she attended on a Clarendon Scholarship. Claire’s research focused predominantly on the accountability of transnational corporations for serious human rights violations. During her time at Oxford, Claire taught law and international relations. She also has a BCom (Hons I) and LLB (Hons I) from Sydney University, where she was awarded the Henry S. Albinski Prize for Best Honours Thesis in Australian Foreign and Defence Policy.

Claire was Associate to Justice Tamberlin in the Federal Court of Australia in 2006/7. She was previously a solicitor at Allens-Linklaters in Sydney, and has also worked as a researcher for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Namibia. In 2017, Claire was the inaugural recipient of the Katrina Dawson Award, which aims to encourage young women to practise at the Bar.