Fiona Armstrong

Fiona Armstrong is a leading public policy reform advocate, with particular interest in climate, health and energy policy. She is a co-author of the 2009 CPD Paper Putting Health in Local Hands: Shifting Governance and Funding to Regional Health Organisations. She has a background in health policy as a health professional and as a journalist. Fiona is a contributing author to CPD’s 2010 book More Than Luck: Ideas Australia needs now. Fiona’s chapter Shifting from fear to hope calls for a new national narrative to allow us to feel confident in our solutions to combat climate change. In 2013 Fiona was the author of a report on the health benefits of climate action, Our Uncashed Dividend, and the producer of The Human Cost of Power, a film on the implications for health from our energy choices. She has been published on a wide range of issues including health, environment, energy, politics, finance, Indigenous affairs, mental health, aged care, education, workforce, law, and industrial relations. Fiona has a Masters in Politics and Public Policy and is involved in research, advocacy and communications in the areas of climate, health and energy policy.