Ian McAuley

Ian graduated from the University of Adelaide with qualifications in engineering and business management, following which he worked in a large manufacturing firm – back when our country employed engineers making things.

He has worked in the Commonwealth Government’s Industry and Trade Departments, including a posting to the Middle East for the Trade Commissioner Service – back when Australia exported things other than coal and iron ore.

Following completion of an MPA at Harvard’s Kennedy School he became a permanent part-time lecturer at the University of Canberra, with his other work consulting including paid work for Australian government agencies and international agencies, and pro-bono work for consumer and welfare organizations.

His main concern is to help those with an interest in “progressive” causes – inequality, climate change, shared public services – become engaged with economics. He emphasizes that good social policy and good environmental policy are also good economic policy: it is false reasoning to suggest that progress in these domains is at the expense of “economic” objectives.


Most of his published writings are linked from his website:

Academic publications including conference papers
Writings for The Conversation, New Matilda, John Menadue’s website

Significant recent works with a CPD connection include:

Governomics – Can We Afford Small Government? (Melbourne University Press 2015), co-authored with former CPD Executive Director Miriam Lyons

“Life after luck: building a more resilient economy” – Chapter in CPD book Pushing our Luck: Ideas for Australian Progress (CPD 2013).

What are we complaining about? An analysis of cost-of-living pressures” CPD 2012

Private Health Insurance: High in Cost, low in Equity” – with CPD fellows Jennifer Doggett and John Menadue (CPD 2012)