Izzy Mckinlay


Izzy is in her third year of a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Melbourne, completing a double major in Politics and International Relations, and Media and Communications. She has maintained First Class Honours throughout her degree whilst being a resident at Ormond College and holding several volunteer positions in the nonprofit sector. Through volunteering efforts, Izzy has seen humanitarian programs assist refugees in building social capital and employment support at a local level. Partaking in an internship at CPD has been important for Izzy as she shares a belief that developing long-term, evidence-based policies is pertinent for a prosperous Australia. She has a keen interest in addressing the role of government and effective governance to secure a socially sustainable economy, particularly concerning refugee resettlement services and the economic implications of immigration. During her internship, she helped organise and coordinate events including the ANU-CPD Policy Dialogue on 'cities as policy shapers'. She also conducted research for our Effective Government program on climate security and democratic renewal.