Jarrah Woolfrey


After completing his Bachelor’s in politics, international relations and geography at The University of Melbourne, Jarrah moved into the university’s Master of public policy and management which he will have completed after a semester abroad at The University of Birmingham. Jarrah applied for an internship at CPD to be at the coalface of policy research and development considering CPD’s focus on long-term policy outcomes. During his internship, he prepared briefing notes for various forums, meetings and roundtables, including the Melbourne AI Festival and CPD’s 10th anniversary event series. He also conducted research for the fifth meeting of the ADFM in Manilla, and the “What do Australian’s Want? Active and Effective Government Fit for the Ages” discussion paper. Jarrah learned how to get to the heart of an issue when presented with a broad scope of evidence and how to collate this information in a useful way. After completing his Master’s in mid-2018 after a semester abroad in the U.K, he intends to buy a van and travel before returning to Australia and beginning a career in policy analysis, research and development.