Jennifer Doggett

Jennifer Doggett is a health policy analyst and consultant who has worked in a number of different areas of the health system, including the federal health department and the community sector, and as a political advisor on health policy. She currently works with the health provider industry and consumer groups on a range of health issues. Jennifer is the author of three CPD papers; A New Approach to Primary Care for Australia in 2007 and Out of Pocket: Rethinking Health Copayments in 2009, and Beyond the Blunt Instrument: the Efficiency Dividend and its alternatives in 2010. Jennifer also contributed to CPD’s 2010 publication More Than Luck: Ideas Australia needs nowwith the chapter Getting health policy into shape. She argues for a sharper focus on addressing the issues which matter most to consumers: out-of-pocket expenses, co-payments, and unequal access to health-care providers. Jennifer has also contributed to CPD’s Pushing our luck: ideas for Australian progress with chapter ‘Getting better: Prescriptions for an ailing health system’. She has a Masters in Public Health and a Graduate Diploma in Health Economics.