Prof John Wiseman (Fellow)

Professor John Wiseman is Deputy Director and convenor of the Climate Transformations Research Cluster, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne. His other current roles include: Adjunct Professor, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne, Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Development and Climate Change Adviser to Sustainability Victoria.

Professor Wiseman has worked in diverse academic and public sector settings including as Foundation Director of the McCaughey Centre for Community Wellbeing, Melbourne School of Population Health; Professor of Public Policy, Victoria University; and Assistant Director, Policy Development and Research, Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Professor Wiseman’s major research and policy contributions have been in the fields of social justice and citizen engagement; strengthening and measuring community wellbeing; globalization impacts and responses; the development and implementation of social, economic and environmental policy frameworks; sustainability transitions; and climate change risks and solutions. His current research, writing and advocacy work focuses on the social and political transformations needed to drive a rapid transition to a just and resilient post-carbon society.


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