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How we work

The Centre for Policy Development’s programs and initiatives focus on the toughest policy challenges facing Australia and the region.

Our interdependent suite of programs and initiatives are guided by our values, and driven by our Create-Connect-Convince method.

We know that good public policy takes an integrated approach that breaks down silos to break new ground. Our work connects policy domains to accelerate momentum and deepen impact.

We’re focused on facilitating comprehensive policymaking by employing rigorous cross-disciplinary analyses. We strive to inspire ambitious, lasting reforms, challenge outdated conventions, and offer well-founded, evidence-based guidance on best practices.

Across our program teams, there is a consistent focus on conducting research that harnesses their collective expertise. This approach allows us to craft solutions that go beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries and result in concrete, all-encompassing policy outcomes that enhance the well-being of both current and future generations throughout the region.

Browse our current and past programs and initiatives below.

Programs and initiatives

Bringing leaders together accelerate climate ambition and action
Advancing humane, practical alternatives to child detention in the Indo-Pacific
Pursuing more effective, durable and dignified approaches to forced migration in the Indo-Pacific
Building a just energy transition in the Indo-Pacific
Improving the economic participation of refugees in Australia.
Aligning corporate Australia with a sustainable economic future
Connecting decision-makers to deliver the Guarantee for Young Children and Families and build a better early childhood system
Making Australia the best place to be a child and raise a family by building a better early childhood system
Tackling long-term government policy challenges and instilling confidence in public institutions
Building a sustainable, prosperous and peaceful Indo-Pacific through collaboration and leadership
The Centre for Policy Development's flagship public event
The Purpose of Government Pulse tracks Australian attitudes to key questions about government, democracy and public capability. 
Shaping government services to meet people's needs through local, community-focused solutions
A clean, innovative, productive economy that supports sustainable, shared prosperity
Advancing the wellbeing of people, communities and the environment by enhancing government decision-making

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