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From vicious to virtuous cycles: a sustainable future for Australian agriculture | DISCUSSION PAPER | August 2015

Sam Hurley - August 2015

CPD’s latest discussion paper was launched as part of an agricultural sustainability roundtable hosted by Ernst & Young and CPD in Canberra on 12 August 2015. Andrew Metcalfe AO, former Secretary of the Departments of Agriculture and Immigration, moderated the roundtable, which brought together stakeholders from across the sector to discuss...

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Introduction to the Track II Dialogue

communications - August 2015

Forced migration, asylum seeker and refugee flows continue to be hot topics in Australia, featuring strongly in our national conversation, political debates and media. They are also significant issues for our regional neighbours. CPD believes no country in our region can unilaterally and satisfactorily address the issue of forced migration....

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The longest conflict: Australia’s climate security challenge | REPORT | June 2015

Anand Kulkarni - June 2015

Report launched by Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, former UK Government Climate & Energy Security Envoy, and Admiral Chris Barrie, former Chief of the Australian Defence Force. CPD has released a report exploring Australia’s preparedness for the coming security impacts of climate change, and examining how our defence force must adapt....

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Budgeting smarter, not harder: the failure of long-term thinking in the 2015 Intergenerational Report | REPORT | April 2015

communications - April 2015

CPD policy analyst Sam Hurley has responded to Treasurer Hockey’s call for a national conversation on Australia’s intergenerational challenges and opportunities in CPD’s new report, Budgeting smarter, not harder: the failure of long-term thinking in the 2015 Intergenerational Report.  The report is available here: ‘Budgeting Smarter, Not Harder’. A press release...

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Beyond the boats: building an asylum and refugee policy for the long term | LANDMARK REPORT | November 2014

CPD - November 2014

Report from a high level roundtable on asylum and refugee policy convened by CPD, Australia21 and the Andrew and Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law (UNSW) Now that the acute phase of boat arrivals appears over, Beyond the boats urges all parties to use this opportunity to construct an overarching national asylum...

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Net Advantage: securing our fisheries management | OCCASIONAL PAPER | October 2014

Michael Hayman - October 2014

Australian fishing’s competitive edge boosted by marine reserves In Net advantage: securing our fisheries management, CPD researcher Michael Hayman argues Australian commercial fisheries can gain a global competitive edge by embracing the benefits of marine reserves.   On 11 September, Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt announced a Review into the Commonwealth...

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False economies, including Good, better, best | LANDMARK REPORT | June 2014

Christopher Stone - June 2014

False economies: unpacking public service efficiency In the wake of the National Commission of Audit and a bleak Federal Budget for public services, CPD releases the compiled and updated False economies series, including the new final instalment Good, better, best (plus an excellent foreword by Terry Moran AC and original cartoons by...

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All boom, no benefit? Why Queensland needs a new economic strategy | OCCASIONAL PAPER | February 2014

CPD - February 2014

CPD responds to the draft Queensland Plan, asking where economic growth will come from to lift incomes above the rest of Australia. All boom, no benefit?  from the Centre for Policy Development argues Queensland must chart a new course toward reliable, sustainable and equitably distributed growth – or face a...

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Getting the facts right on Solar | OCCASIONAL PAPER | December 2013

Laura Eadie - December 2013

What is really driving higher electricity network costs… … and how can they be fairly shared between consumers? This report, prepared for CPD by the Australian PV Institute (APVI), is the first to examine the interaction of new technologies with network tariffs, rather than wholesale electricity prices. Key findings include:...

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Marine protection dividend | OCCASIONAL PAPER | November 2013

Caroline Hoisington - November 2013

Don’t quit before the full benefits flow CPD’s latest ‘marine economy’ report by former World Bank economist Caroline Hoisington, finds that marine parks deliver more over time   As the NSW government considers marine management reforms, this report finds that marine parks already provide significant economic benefits, but it is too early...

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