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False economies, Part 2: Doing less with less | LANDMARK REPORT | May 2013

Christopher Stone - May 2013

Why some cuts hurt more than others In Doing less with less, CPD public service Research Director Christopher Stone contends that sometimes cutting can cost more than it saves. Shifting responsibility to the private sector is not a cost-effective strategy when the public sector is better placed to provide essential services. While efficiency is...

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Going solar: renewing Australia’s electricity options | LANDMARK REPORT | April 2013

Cameron Elliott - April 2013

Recent debates around electricity prices and renewable energy policy have largely ignored the rapid drop in solar technology costs, and the cost and risks associated with ‘business as usual’. Download Going Solar report Going solar is the first economic assessment of future electricity price shocks if fossil fuels continue to dominate. The report...

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Post Carbon Pathways 2013 report| DISCUSSION PAPER | April 2013

John Wiseman - April 2013

Post Carbon Pathways: Creating a just and resilient post carbon future This report by John Wiseman,Taegen Edwards, and Kate Luckins draws on in-depth interviews with leading international researchers, policy makers and activists on actions needed to drive the rapid implementation of large scale post carbon economy transition strategies. As the...

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False economies, Part 1: Decoding efficiency | LANDMARK REPORT | February 2013

Christopher Stone - April 2013

Translating the jargon on public sector efficiency CPD’s public service Research Director Christopher Stone contends that if we don’t want services to run down, we need to consider results as well as resources when measuring success. Politicians most often address this issue with promises of sweeping cuts, but what do...

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Insuring Australia’s marine future | OCCASIONAL PAPER | March 2013

Caroline Hoisington - March 2013

‘Marine protection insures against loss to environment and economy’ – CPD Marine economy fellow This report finds that Australia’s national network of marine parks will act as an insurance policy for commercial and recreational fishing Insuring Australia’s marine future looks at the increasing risks to Australia’s oceans, the growing evidence of the...

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Whatever happened to the Big Society? | OCCASIONAL PAPER | February 2015

Cameron Elliott - February 2013

Update and epilogue to the 2012 CPD report, Big Society and Australia Whatever happened to the Big Society? | CPD OP25 | C Elliott | Feb 2013 CPD Researcher Cameron Elliot has produced a progress report on results from the Big Society policy framework developed by David Cameron’s conservative UK government,...

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Valuing Skills: Why vocational training matters | OCCASIONAL PAPER

CPD - November 2012

New paper by CPD Research Director Christopher Stone Download Valuing Skills – Why vocational training matters paper In light of sweeping changes to vocational education and training (VET) provision in Victoria, and dramatic proposed cuts in Queensland, this new CPD paper studies the sector’s social and economic significance and asks...

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Farming smarter, not harder: securing our agricultural economy | LANDMARK REPORT

CPD - October 2012

Australia must invest in soil health or miss the benefits of the world food boom Download Farming Smarter, Not Harder report in full Read what we’re reading: Sustainable Economy media, links and resources Read what key stakeholders are saying about Farming Smarter, Not Harder  Read Ross Gittins on Australian farming in the...

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Zoning South Australia’s marine parks | OCCASIONAL PAPER

Caroline Hoisington - October 2012

CPD’s Marine Economy Fellow Caroline Hoisington has analysed the areas proposed for the creation of fully protected sanctuary zones in South Australia’s marine park network. The ecosystem service values covered by the new sanctuaries are conservatively estimated as being worth $20.69 million per year. Caroline notes that the sanctuaries are likely...

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Public works need public sector skills – the lost lessons of the BER program | OCCASIONAL PAPER

CPD - September 2012

Despite significant public attention over the last two years, the lessons of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program remain poorly understood. While there were major differences between BER outcomes in different states, most media coverage failed to focus on the reasons why some states performed so much better than...

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