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Centre for Policy Development (CPD) publications are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia licence and we encourage our authors to do likewise. For more details on the Creative Commons licence, see Extracts, summaries or the whole paper may be reproduced, provided both the author and CPD are attributed, with a link to the CPD website.

Authors must wait at least two weeks before republishing elsewhere, ensuring that the republished piece includes a link back to the original location of the work on, along with an acknowledgement that it was first published by CPD.

Defamation and warranties

CPD authors must warrant that their work is original, has not been published elsewhere and neither breaches copyright nor defames any person.


It is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission to use copyright material and to bear any associated costs. Permission should be sought in all cases where doubt exists.

Under Australian copyright law, it may be necessary to obtain permission to reproduce extracts of text and other material such as graphs and tables, diagrams, charts, photographs, advertisements and illustrations created by someone other than the author. The author must obtain permission to reproduce a ‘substantial part’ of any written work protected by copyright. This usually means about 250 words taken from a medium-length work, but includes any shorter excerpt that summarises the crux of the original author’s argument or research.

Please keep in mind that Copyright permissions can take weeks to obtain. All quoted material, all images, charts and diagrams must be appropriately acknowledged, and a list of acknowledgements should accompany the article.