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Sustainable Agriculture

We are currently undertaking new research to map Commonwealth and Victorian grants and programs that promote sustainable agriculture and food systems and biodiversity enhancement on private land. As well as helping to combat difficulties in accessing up-to-date and reliable information about programs and policies at different levels of government, this research will also highlight opportunities to address gaps or inconsistencies in agriculture and food systems policy – particularly where these are related to broader policy challenges like climate change and health. This research builds on CPD’s important earlier work on sustainable agriculture, including the landmark report Farming Smarter Not Harder (2011) and the discussion paper From Vicious to Virtuous Cycles (2015).

Latest Articles

CPD – EY roundtable on agricultural sustainability | 12 August 2015

communications - September 2015

In August CPD was delighted to host leaders from across the Australian agricultural sector to discuss how to seize the potential of ‘virtuous cycles’ in agriculture, and entrench sustainability at the...

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From vicious to virtuous cycles: a sustainable future for Australian agriculture | DISCUSSION PAPER | August 2015

Sam Hurley - August 2015

CPD’s latest discussion paper was launched as part of an agricultural sustainability roundtable hosted by Ernst & Young and CPD in Canberra on 12 August 2015. Andrew Metcalfe AO, former Secretary...

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Investing in agriculture’s future: CPD case studies report | DISCUSSION PAPER | September 2013

Travers McLeod - September 2013

CPD case studies inform sustainable food summit Public policy think tank Global Access Partners holds its annual growth summit each September in the Parliament House of a hosting state for...

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When CPD set out on this work in early 2016, we began with the premise that performance and leadership on sustainability-related risks in the Australian corporate sector were lagging –

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CPD’s recent work on climate change has focused on the implications of a changing climate for Australia’s national security. Our agenda-setting report The Longest Conflict (2015)

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In 2016 we released a discussion paper by CPD Research Associate Alexander Marks on the future of Australia’s electricity system.

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Between 2011 and 2014 the Sustainable Economy Program completed a major research series on Australia’s marine economy, including a comprehensive assessment of the economic..

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