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CPD supports a Yes vote in the 2023 referendum to create a Voice to Government for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Dr Gunter Pauli & Ian Dunlop | Local Brainpower Can Save Manufacturing Jobs and the Environment

Dr Gunter Pauli and CPD fellow Ian Dunlop illustrate how Australia can stop sacrificing local manufacturing jobs for cheap overseas labour by looking at local innovation. Pauli and Dunlop examine the ways in which...

The Perfect Storm – Australia’s role in a time of crisis

CPD and Oxfam are pleased to present The Perfect Storm, Friday July 31st at The Sussex Room, Crown Plaza Darling Harbour. The World faces a "triple crunch" the Global Financial Crisis, climate emergency and...

Deep emissions cuts not so diabolical under Obama

Miriam Lyons took a look at what the election of Obama means for Australia in Crikey

What does an Obama win mean for Australia?

Barack Obama’s victory represents a watershed in American history, but it will also have ramifications around the world. Before I head out to celebrate I thought I’d just bash out a few quick notes...

In Defence of Multilateralism

Is multilateralism back on the Australian government’s agenda? What implications could this have for international security and stability and Australian democracy? CPD fellow James Arvanitakis and Amy Tyler examine multilateralism in a post-September 11...

Ian McAuley examines the Australian economy for the Australian Collaboration

CDP fellow Ian McAuley surveys Australia’s economic structure, including an outline of some long-term and medium-term challenges for Australian economic policy in his Australian Economic Fact Sheet for the Australia Collaboration, a group of...

Australia’s diversity advantage

Conformity is the enemy of everything Australia is and needs to be in the twenty-first century, writes Emma Dawson. We need to look anew at cultural diversity through the lens of social cohesion.

Firming up ground for the future

John Langmore makes a case for more courage in our policies and hope in our politics.

Rethinking Australian foreign policy in a post-Bush world

Both sides are refusing to acknowledge that we will soon be faced with some very difficult strategic foreign policy challenges, writes Ben Eltham in Online Opinion.