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Crisis without collapse

How can we transform the risk of breakdown into an opportunity for renewal? Thomas Homer-Dixon explores the possibilities for positive change in this extract from ‘The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity, and the Renewal...

International Metropolis conference workshop: Multiculturalism vs plural monoculturalism

CPD Director Miriam Lyons and fellow Emma Dawson will join international researchers to present a workshop titled Narratives of Inclusion: Multiculturalism versus Plural Monoculturalism in Liberal Democracies at the 12th International Metropolis Conference on...

Longer term national interests in foreign, defence and security policy demand a more informed public debate

With the Government returned to power and the Opposition under new leadership it is time for a more informed and constructive debate about the future directions of our foreign, defence and security policies –...

Enriching uranium could impoverish regional security

We need to look beyond the economic argument for enriching uranium, argues Marko Beljac, and consider the implications for nuclear non-proliferation and regional stability

Note to ASPI: silence is not a winning strategy

Australia’s defence policy think tank is serving tax-payers poorly. It’s time for a strategic rethink, argues Ben Eltham.

Over the Horizon: long term implications of Australia’s engagement in the ‘arc of instability’

Recognition of culture, stronger regional relationships and leadership by example can make Australia’s engagement in the Pacific more effective, writes Michael Dillon.

Problems in the Pacific: Who You Gonna Call?

Before the federal government arms up for the recolonisation of the region, it should take a look at the new proposal for a United Nations Emergency Peace Service, write Annie Herro and Stuart Rees.

Defence shopping list points to more overseas trips

This week saw a minor flare-up in Australian defence politics, with the release of a video of Australian troops misbehaving in Iraq. Apart from demonstrating yet again the power of user-generated media websites like...

Career paths to harmony

A new generation of multicultural policies focused on getting rid of the ‘ethnic ceiling’ is needed to ensure the success of the next round of skilled migration, writes Klaas Woldring

The Necessity for a New Pragmatism in East Timor

George Quinn hopes that the recent troubles in East Timor will force the ideologues and activists to adopt a pragmatic approach to the problems that beset the young democracy. According to Quinn there are...