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Where to from here on climate change…

The CPD team reflect on better processes for making complex climate change decisions.

Difficult, but not diabolical

Miriam Lyons, CPD’s Executive Director, looks at the role of faith and visions of change in moving beyond our current impasse.

Cooperation, Community and Climate Change

Rob Salter reflects on the deeper implications of responding to climate change for the way we organise our society, in his new paper that explains why better relationships are the key to successful action...

Time to prepare for the One Degree War

Paul Gilding, climate activist and writer revisits a paper he co-wrote with Jorgen Randers, shouting out above the drone of the day to day political negotiations that what we are facing is nothing short...

The Australian Government is undermining climate action.

Mark Diesendorf, Deputy Director of the Institute of Environmental Studies, UNSW exposes the gap between rhetoric and reality in Rudd’s climate change policies.

Act now, or the planet pays later.

CPD Fellow, Ben Eltham asks, can the world really face up to the full challenge of climate change? Right now, he writes, you’d have to say no.

Just Transition not yet a priority at Copenhagen

Peter Colley, national research director at the CFMEU, a union whose members will be at the frontline of any transition to a carbon-neutral economy, was in Copenhagen as part of a four person CFMEU...

Hope shifts to a treaty in 2010

Rupert Posner from the Climate Group looks beyond the disappointments and debacles of a global conference to see the glass half full.

Cooperation, Community and Climate Change | OCCASIONAL PAPER

Robert Salter argues that better relationships are the key to successful action on climate change.

Social democracy is not enough

Drew Hutton proposes that leftists who care more about the loss of coal mining jobs than reducing carbon emissions can place themselves alongside the climate change denialists, the right-wing think tanks and the fossil...