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Carmen Lawrence and Chris Bonnor | Education gap widening between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’

CPD fellows examine the ‘invisible backpack’ phenomenon School children struggle to carry the weight of disadvantage Statistics compiled for the Gonski Review of Funding for Schools have revealed stark inequities in the Australian school...

Online Opinion, 5 September 2012

CPD fellow gets beyond Gillard’s Gonski rhetoric and asks: what’s in it for schools? In his short opinion piece, CPD fellow Chris Bonnor unmasks the political self-preservation behind Gillard’s populist take on the Gonski...

Gleebooks 31 July 2012

Authors of The Stupid Country,  Jane Caro and CPD Fellow Chris Bonnor collaborate on a new book: What makes a good school? Launch date: Tuesday 31 July 2012 Venue: Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Road, Sydney NSW 2037...

Chris Bonnor | Gonski’s In. It’s Time To Act

There’s remarkable consensus that the Gonski recommendations are spot on. The danger? That Labor will stall too long before implementing them, writes Chris Bonnor. I’m reliably informed that whenever you talk to Labor politicians...

Chris Bonnor | The ‘State’ of our schools

The very schools that the education bureaucracies are supposed to champion are increasingly becoming a safety net for the children that no one else wants. Chris Bonnor writes: The media stories at the start...

Time For A Lesson On Schools Policy?

It’s about time the schools funding debate was re-opened, writes Ben Eltham, because on any analysis, the current situation is a mess

Youth earning, learning and happiness after the GFC

CPD intern Chris Gatfield looks at what the future holds for young people in a ‘post-GFC’ Australia

Throwing billions at schools

Adam Rorris ponders the welcome problem of quickly spending $14.7 billion in schools

cartoon by Fiona Katauskas: education

A Real Education Revolution: Revised

Tony Moore offers suggestions for an education revolution beyond the boundaries of the private and public school systems.

Quality education for all: mapping the educational landscape

Our focus on the private public divide obscures the real disparities between schools in affluent and disadvantaged areas, writes Ellen Koshland. To move forward we need to re-shape the education system around the concept...